Why is there misery and iniquity in the world? How does one reconcile this with the concepts of God … and faith? These universal questions become more than philosophical abstractions for biology professor Connor Daniels when his life is changed forever by a brush with death and an improbable rescue by a white-suited stranger with unusual powers.


Recruited as the public face of his savior’s ongoing battle against evil-doers, and plagued by the arrival of the man’s sworn enemy, Connor is forced to reexamine the spiritual consequences of his work as “prophet.” As he becomes embroiled in international intrigue and his family life floats on quicksand, Connor must untangle his true beliefs in a world where black is white and nothing is certain—because more than lives are at stake in his final decision.

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Sorry for the absent response but as you can guess I haven’t been back to my site for a long time – life intervened. The only novel I have out at this time is Close Encounter as a Kindle ebook on Amazon. I hope to publish 3 other completed works this year. Thanks for asking.

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