Dr. David Puro had his first taste of writing success in college with a $25 prize for best essay in the field of journalism. After squandering this fortune, he focused on his true love—science fiction. As a practicing cardiologist and father of two girls he still managed to carve out time from his often hectic schedule, with the indispensable forbearance of his wife, to coax imaginary worlds onto paper.

He honed his writing skills with short works, two of which were published twice: “Predator,” a flash fiction piece, appeared first in the small-circulation anthology Peeks and Valleys and was reprinted in Hancock College’s literary journal, MindPrints. “In the Mind of the Beholder,” a reworked chapter from his initial foray into full-length fiction, appeared first in the ezine Aoiffe’s Kiss. Winning kudos for best of month earned it a second life in the print anthology Wondrous Web Worlds No 7.

Over the ensuing years a total of 4 novels emerged. The first, Nidus, extrapolates the dangers of the unregulated evolution of artificial intelligence into the near future. The next, Close Encounter, is a thriller with a different take on extraterrestrial visitation, explores the travails of an alien microbiologist whose efforts to prevent a pandemic land her in a mental ward, where she finds an unlikely ally in the internist assigned to her medical care. The third work, inspired by Frank Herbert’s Dune (and started well before the other opuses as an overconfident attempt at an epic novel), was aborted after 100 pages to garner digital dust until its resurrection and completion as A Thread Off God’s Robe. It has a more spiritual bent and unfolds centuries in the future on multiple worlds. The final novel, Faithless, isn’t science fiction at all, but harnesses the fantastic in an attempt to explore the issues and ambiguities inherent in the concept of faith via the travails of a college science professor recruited as “prophet” for a being with extraordinary powers.

For the past few years Dr. Puro has posted frequently in his blog, Heartheaded.What started as an attempt at a scholarly dissection of the diverse pieces of the health care system (pre-Obamacare) and a venue for proposing rational change, migrated into the political and cultural arenas. With a recent reduction in his clinical hours Dr. Puro is in the process of preparing his longer works for digital publication.

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From SLO patient : S.G.Richardson

Happy to see you are doing so well at what you enjoy…..and are
doing more of it. More power to you.

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