Out Now: Faithless

Why is there misery and iniquity in the world? How does one reconcile this with the concepts of God … and faith? These universal questions become more than philosophical abstractions for biology professor Connor Daniels when his life is changed forever by a brush with death and an improbable rescue by a white-suited stranger with unusual powers.

Dr. David Puro had his first taste of writing success in college with a $25 prize for best essay in the field of journalism. After squandering this fortune, he focused on his true love—science fiction. As a practicing cardiologist and father of two girls he still managed to carve out time from his often hectic schedule, with the indispensable forbearance of his wife, to coax imaginary worlds onto paper.

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  • To the young and uninitiated, as well as the older who have not attained wisdom, legislating against “hate speech” is a no-brainer. I used to believe the same even in the pre-indoctrination/3Rs era of education. It’s easy to cite evil doctrines such as Nazism as justification. It takes a lot more work to understand why […]