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Why is there misery and iniquity in the world? How does one reconcile this with the concepts of God … and faith? These universal questions become more than philosophical abstractions for biology professor Connor Daniels when his life is changed forever by a brush with death and an improbable rescue by a white-suited stranger with unusual powers. Recruited as the public face of his savior’s ongoing battle against evil-doers, and plagued by the arrival of the man’s sworn enemy, Connor is forced to reexamine the spiritual consequences of his work as “prophet.” As he becomes embroiled in international intrigue and his family life floats on quicksand, Connor must untangle his true beliefs in a world where black is white and nothing is certain—because more than lives are at stake in his final decision.

A Thread Off God’s Robe

Once in a few millennia someone appears who can change the world—or the universe. It’s more than coincidence that Donl Garth, an infant with unique abilities, is found and nurtured to adolescence by an advanced culture at a nexus in time when the universe prepares for its most pivotal fight. When the efforts of a race with the benefit of millions of years of evolution prove wanting, it will come down to the resolve of a troubled teenager and a small group of those that love him to tip the balance of power in this epic tale of good versus evil.

Close Encounter

Close Encounter

Dr. Dan Chamberlain’s life takes a detour when he’s asked to perform a medical exam on a paranoid schizophrenic committed to a New York City hospital psychiatric ward. Kara Reesha claims to be a microbiologist from Korlon, “class H planet in the Jorlii Galaxy,” sidelined while trying to save the world from a lethal epidemic. Meanwhile, the unwitting disease vector, escaped felon Erol Tabor, is seeking to highjack the international economy. Framed as bioterrorists, Dan and Kara must work to prevent a plague and stop Tabor while eluding both the FBI and Tabor’s agents. Dan’s emotional entanglement with Kara proves to be a mixed blessing as clues to her secret past come to light. The ensuing battle between love and fear will spell the difference between success and global catastrophe.


When counseled by his mentor that “every problem has a solution,” Alec never expected to find himself minutes from annihilation by the double threat of a hostile cyborg and a thermonuclear device on a short fuse. He’d also never anticipated that his gift of deductive genius could be a curse, leading to his mentor’s suicide and veering his life onto a collision course with a power-hungry bureaucrat bent on dangerously accelerating covert cybernetic research. With the help of the woman he grows to love and a loyal team of special intelligence operatives, Alec struggles to unravel the clues leading to the final, most difficult puzzle of his life: a battle where inner demons can be as dangerous as the enemy he fights, and the prize is nothing less than humanity’s survival.